Support in Employment

Historically, the SLSRSA was involved in the development of a career development framework designed to allow a postdoc or PI to call a meeting to discuss goals and ambitions. The purpose was to allow steering of career goals with the progress of a project.

Latterly this was replaced by the Objective Setting and Review (OSaR) process overseen by the University. Any researcher can request an OSaR, with their PI or any other appropriate member of staff, and all the relevant information and documentation can be found under the Human Resources section of the University website.

Public Engagement

The School of Life Sciences is involved in a large and diverse range of public events, which aim to engage and inform the public about science in the modern world and the science carried out in Dundee. Researcher volunteers make essential and important contributions to these public events and involvement is central to the running of schemes and allowing free and open discussions between scientists and the wider community. Explaining your work and scientific ideas to the public can be as rewarding as the experiments themselves!