School of Life Sciences Research Staff Association

All research staff are welcome here!

The School of Life Sciences Research Staff Association was established at the University of Dundee in 2005 and was one of the first organisations in the UK to be established for the benefit of postdoctoral staff. As of 2013/2014 the association has been expanded to recognise all research staff with an aim to:

  • be a voice for researchers in interactions with School management
  • encourage and assist in the career development of researchers
  • catalyse interactions between researchers in defferent disciplines
  • help new researchers with local and dicisional orientation through a cariety of events and activities
  • foster a culture of debate, open communication and information access
  • help with a large variety of issues relating to life as a researcher

Links to External Bodies

The SLSRSA has people on the committee who are representatives to a variety of external bodies. It is our desire to make information available about anything that may be of interest or benefit to the researchers in the college. Below are descriptions of some of those roles with links to further information.

Women in Science

The Women in Science festival (WiS), in Dundee, aims at presenting a realistic and inspiring portrait of women’s role in the scientific community and introduce young people to a prospect of a scientific career.

Each year, the SLSRSA organises a talk within the festival not only to the SLS personnel but also to the general public, introducing some of the most accomplished and inspiring female scientists. This talk is an amazing opportunity for all of us to learn more about their research interests but also their life experiences and the motivation that drives them.

The role of the committee representative for the WiS festival is essentially to invite the speaker and organise a date and venue for the talk. Additionally, it’s an opportunity to get involved with the organising committee for the festival itself and contribute with new ideas for the success of the event.

Stories in Science: Postdoctoral Career Pathways

What is the right career track for you? If you are feeling that the traditional route to what you want to do is not quite right then you could take a look at some interesting examples of successful people in SLS. Interactive timelines and video clips might give you something to think about, and something to discuss!


The SLSRSA is part of a national network of Research Staff Associations. On our own committee is the regional representive for Scotland and Northern Ireland to the UKRSA. Meetings are held quarterly, and information regarding their activities can be obtained from Emma Compton.

Organisational and Professional Development

Researchers should have access to all that is available in terms of training and career development. The University has a unit dedicated to this, known as Organisational and Professional Development (OPD), which offers a wide variety of opportunities throughout the entire year. Courses that are directly relevant to researchers may be promoted on the SLSRSA website, while more information is available on their website about a wider range of subjects.